Good news! I am in the 2015 Tokyo Marathon!

“Congratulations! You have been selected to run Tokyo Marathon 2015” was the first sentence I saw.

Well it's pretty obvious that I'm in, otherwise what's the point of this blog?

I have in my lifetime ran a total of 4 marathons. My record is 5:25:15, which I set last year. I have always wanted to experience an international marathon, where crowds would be lined up cheering from the starting line to the finish line. Philippine marathons could be lonely – there are only crowds in the starting line and the finish line – and there are empty stretches of pavement where all you have is your own thoughts to keep you distracted from the long road ahead. I submitted my name for the New York marathon but was unable to make the cut. When the 2015 Tokyo Marathon opened for application on August 1, I immediately submitted my name and eagerly awaited for September 25 to arrive. And I had told myself that I would start a blog journaling this endeavour from start to finish if I were selected.

And my heart leapt when I received the email saying that I was accepted. Over 300,00 people applied – 304,825, to be exact – vying for just 35,500 slots. I am ecstatic that I would be one of the 35,500 runners that would ply the route from Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku through Imperial Palace, Hibiya, Shinagawa, Ginza, Nihonbashi, leading to the finish line at Tokyo Big Sight. I am excited to run through the familiar streets of Tokyo, the streets where I used to walk going to work, where I had gone shopping, where I had wobbled after downing several liters of beer.

So now that I'm in, what now? Well, for one, time to get off my lazy ass and start running!



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