Easy running

I have been doing easy runs. How “easy?” Very easy. So easy that it’s downright boring.

Many running sites (like this one) recommend a per-mile pace of 90 seconds to 2 minutes slower than marathon pace. Now my marathon pace is already slow to begin with – if I target under 5-hours, then my marathon pace will be 11:30 thereabouts. So my easy runs should have a pace of 13:00 to 13:30?

That’s slow.

OK, since I am a country that uses the metric system, that’s 8:26 per kilometer. And my last easy run was done at an average of 8:28, does that mean I can do a sub 5 hour marathon?

My easy runs are based on heart rate. I have to keep my heart rate below 140. It’s not easy keeping your heart rate low. There’s this tendency to run faster. Your body is just aching to speed up. I still sweat but I don’t feel any muscle pain or any fatigue. I really wonder if this is effective but it seems all running websites point out that easy runs are effective. On the bright side, I don’t wake up dreading to run. When I haul myself out of bed, I just tell myself that this will be a boring painless 30-minute run. I tell myself that I would usually play iPad games for 30 minutes so I can easily sacrifice that for marathon training.



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