130 days to go: Easy Run

My resting heart beat for today was 75. Still not the low HR I would want but at least it is better than the 90 I got yesterday. So I got out of bed, donned my running outfit, fastened a HR monitor, laced up my running shoes, and went out for a run.

I did the usual slow – somewhat boring – 30-minute run, trying to keep my HR below 140. Somehow the run felt a little more difficult, yet my HR was within the range. I tried doing the “conversation test” and found myself pausing to catch my breath. Am I still feeling the effects of the grueling weekend run? I ended up covering 3.56 km, pretty much the distance I would ordinarily cover in 30 minutes. The good thing is that I am not drop dead exhausted so I can probably squeeze in another run tomorrow.


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