Running with a cold

The whole day yesterday I was sneezing and blowing snot out. The nasty thing about me having colds is that I get insanely hungry and I ended up devouring a heavy dinner capped with an unhealthy amount of ice cream. I went to bed early, having downed some antihistamine.

I woke up still with the sniffles, my head heavy. I felt lazy. I could've just flopped back to bed but forced myself to get out and run. I told myself that today's was just an easy 30-minute run. I told myself that the discomfort is all in my sinus and the medical experts claim that it's ok to run if the cold is above the neck. I told myself that all I had to do was slough through for half an hour and that the run would clear up my sinuses and make me feel better. As I ran, my body warmed up and indeed I felt much better. I was able to breathe easier and my nasal passages opened up. I expected my body to be heavy but pleasantly discovered that everything was going easier than planned. My HR was low and I was able to maintain a relaxed but faster-than-average pace.

My 30-minute run stats: 3.78 kms, ave HR 139, 30% in Z1, 70% in Z2, ave cadence 89.

Moral of the story: don't let the sniffles deter your running!


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