Eating healthier

Monday is my “coding” day. That is when I have to be off the road by 7 am. For those who are scratching their heads about this “coding” scheme, Metro Manila, with its horrible traffic, has initiated this traffic control rule that requires certain vehicles to be off the roads by 7 am. This means I have to wake up earlier than usual and leave for office without having breakfast at home, else I get apprehended by policemen. The beauty of this scheme is that I get to leave home early and beat the morning rush hour. The disadvantage though is that I have to look for a good place to eat breakfast. I can't skip breakfast. If I do, I get headaches and I get cranky and I become unproductive.

I usually park the car at office and walk over to a nearby cafe for breakfast. For several Mondays I would walk over to Army Navy and have their pancakes. I am a sucker for pancakes. With bacon. Their pancakes are delicious and reasonably priced.

Pancakes at Army Navy

But today I chose to eat healthier. I didn't want to eat a breakfast primarily consisting of flour and sugar. I wanted something more “natural” and less processed. I wanted leafy vegetables and fresh fruits.

So I fired up Foursquare. Thank goodness for Foursquare. Being in a new office building, I was unfamiliar with the nearby restaurants so I needed some guidance. One thing I like about Foursquare is that it points you to different restaurants depending on the genre (e.g., Japanese, Italian, American), gives ratings of these venues and tells you how far away it is. I didn't want to walk far so I discarded restuarants farther than 500 meters. I discarded the usual fast food joints like McDonald's and Jollibee. Eventually I opted for Cravings, which is atop Fraser Place. It being a serviced apartment, I figured that it should have at least a decent and humble buffet restarant with a price tag lower than those found in 5-star hotels.

Breakfast buffet at Cravings

I ended up having two egg-white vegetable omelettes with wheat bread and some tomatoes, pineapple bits, and slices of cucumber on the side. The bill came out to P554, tax included.

The added bonus is that Cravings is a few hundred meters away from my office, so I had a nice easy walk (I timed it as an 8-minute walk) to help digest them calories.


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