Week 1 summary

Week 1 has passed. I ran a total of 26.3 kms and a total duration of 3:31. I was able to squeeze in 4 days of running. Hopefully I can continue that trend of finding 4 days to run.

The culminating run of the week was of course the “long run.” At 10 kilometers, I wouldn’t really call it a “long” run but it’s the longest run of the week. The plan called for a middle 3 kilometer run at marathon pace – which I figured to be something like 7:10. I ended up running the 3 kilometers with splits of 7:00, 6:44, and 7:00. It was fun speeding up, a welcome change from the boring zone 2 runs, but now I can feel it taking its toll on my legs. My thighs feel sluggish and slightly fatigued. A 7-minute pace would get me 2:27 in the half-marathon and it would break the 5-hour barrier for the marathon, but the question is: can I hold that pace for 42 kilometers?


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