Week 2 summary

I ran a total distance of 27 kilometers and a total time of 3:30.  Just like Week 1, I ran for 5 days. For Week 2’s long run, the plan required me to run 12 kilometers with the middle 5K at marathon pace. Once again I ran faster than marathon pace, covering the 5K in 33:53 for an average pace of 6:47. Right now my legs are feeling a little heavy and while I was able to get a decent amount of sleep (6.5 hours), I still feel slightly tired. I guess it is also because I ran Friday (30 minutes) and Saturday (5 kilometers).

Talking about sleep, let’s not forget the fact that I wasn’t able to get much sleep on Thursday night and Friday night. I tried to make it up Saturday night by getting to bed early and on Sunday by taking a long afternoon nap. I don’t think one can “make up” for the previous sleepless nights, but I took the extra hours of sleep to make sure I am fresh for the Sunday long run.

Next week I run the Pinoyfitness 21K. I’m still figuring out how to run that run. I am hoping to break 2:30, which would require me to run at least a 7:07 per kilometer pace. That should be doable, except that I want to take it easy for the first few kilomters. Can I maintain a 7:07 pace – or even a 7:00 pace – for 10 or even 15 kilometers?



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