83 days to go: a faster interval run

I told David, my marathon training coach, that I had been holding back in the interval runs and because of this he modified the training plan. Instead of 20 seconds faster than 21K pace, he upped the intesity to 50 seconds. Now that's a challenge, I told myself.

Today's run was a “short interval run,” which meant that an interval would be 4 minutes long followed by 2 minutes of slow recovery. I was to do 6 intervals and was eager to find out if I could sustain a faster pace.

I was gung-ho in the first interval. What I thought was the prescribed pace came out to be much much faster. Instead of 50 seconds faster than 21K pace, I was doing 90 seconds! While I wasn't gasping, I was actually relieved that it was a faster pace because I doubted if I could run 5 more sets in that pace! So I dialed the pace down and it was closer to the prescribed pace, albeit still a tad fast, about 10 to 15 seconds off the mark.

While it wasn't an easy run, it was also not an exhausting run. I didn't feel drained. My legs didn't have that wobbly feel. I was breathing heavily but not short of breath. My gait still didn't feel smooth though. I didn't feel like I was coasting. I didn't feel like I was at a steady state. I guess my stance would improve as I run more intervals.


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