That was a tough interval run

The day’s long interval run – 5 sets of 12 minutes at a pace 50 seconds faster than 21K pace – WAS a challenge. Man, that was tough! I don’t recall the last time I was challenged this much. The first interval was tough but I figured that I could keep that pace for an additional four sets. By the time I got to the third interval, the thought of quitting crossed my mind. By the fourth interval, I was seriously considering quitting but had to repeatedly coax myself to finish. You can do it, I was telling myself. I was already counting down the minutes. I had to keep on saying to myself that I should endure this discomfort because this is how tough it will be in a marathon.

I still managed to run slightly faster than the prescribed pace, averaging something like 60 seconds faster than 21K pace, or 10 seconds faster than the prescribed pace. But it was a wonderful feeling to push myself harder than usual. It’s a mental boost to discover that I still have stamina, despite my age!



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