Tired legs

My legs are tired. And I feel drained. Definitely this is the after-effect from 3 days of running.

Lets see . . .

Friday was “long interval day.” 5 sets of 12-minute intervals. I ran a total of 11.3 kilometers. My heart rate was predominantly at Z3 and above. That was a punishing run.

Saturday I ran a fast 10K. I guess you could call this a tempo run since I ran at about 45 seconds faster than 21K pace. Again another challenging run.

And yesterday was a 15 kilometer run with the middle 5K at a fast pace. The run left me tired. And what drained me wasn't the middle 5K but the last 5K which I had to run at the usual “slow” pace. I sloughed through that part. It fely like it would never end. As soon as I got home, I chugged down a chocolate drink because I knew my body needed all the nutrients it could get. Right after dinner I flopped to bed and was dead to the world until 5 am.

So yes I am tired. Thank goodness that today is a rest day because my legs feel wobbly and tingly. And I am sleepy. And a typhoon has hit my country and will hit Metro Manila later tonight.


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