70 days to go: Running Affinitea 16K

I had no expectations in the Affinitea 16-kilometer run. I joined not to “race” nor to establish some PR but just to run. My marathon training plan called for a 17-kilometer easy run with the the last 5K at faster-than-marathon-pace so I had figured that joining a 16K run, even if it were a kilometer shot, would still give me the same benefots and would also give me some motivation. The run would start at the CCP complex and would cover the full length of Roxas Boulevard. I enjoy running along Roxas Boulevard. It’s a straight and flat route, except for the two flyovers crossing Buendia and Edsa, with few intersections. I could just tune out and enjoy the run, unlike Bonfacio Global City with its uphill runs and twist and turns.

I was able to run the route at the prescribed pace. The only times that my heart rate jumped above Z2 was during the times I had to run up the flyovers. GPS signal was erratic – sometimes my watch would tell me that I was running at an incredibly slow pace of 9 mins/km and at other times at an incredibly fast pace of 5 mins/km, even if I knew I was running at a slow steady pace.

The main problem I had with this event was with the hydration stations. The tables were short. They were practically unmanned. I saw dozens of runners crowding to get water. This was “only” a 16-kilometer run so I figured that I wouldn’t need a drink. Weather was cool and it even drizzled at some point so I guess I really didn’t need to hydrate. I also chuckled when I saw sponges – even bananas! – being handed out. Bananas?! For a 16K run?! Maybe that would explain the run’s higher-than-average registration fee! It costed P900 to join and it didn’t include a timing chip. I’m sure people would also complain that there were no sports drinks.

But again I joined not to establish a PR so finish time was not a priority for me. I did finish in 1:56.



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