Chocolate Kalabaw Milk

I subscribe to the practice of drinking chocolate milk after a run. The more strenuous the workout, the more important it is to imbibe some nutrition for recovery. Many health and running articles espouse chocolate milk as the ideal recovery drink. So when I spotted Kalabaw (or in English, “Carabao”) Milk at our local supermarket the other day, I did not hesitate to grap a few bottles. I tried it and it was delicious! The taste was not that different from that of cow's milk but somewhat creamier and sweeter.

So it piqued my curiousity. The Kalabaw Milk I tried was produced by DVF Dairy Farm. No, DVF does not stand for Diane Von Furstenberg. It represents the initials of the farm's founder – Danny Fausto. The farm itself is located at Talavera, Nueva Ecija, a “very ideal location,” so says their website, that is “far enough to be spared from the pollution of the metropolis, and near enough to assure that milk can be brought to you daily, fresh from the farm.” I am so tempted to pay their farm a visit just to see how the carabaos are taken care of. I hope they are not treated the same way as described in this article (though I doubt the article's accuracy) as it describes how cows are maltreated in U.S. farms.



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