25K run

Today’s workout called for a 25k “increasing pace” run, which is basically 5K slow, 5K fast, 5K slow, 5K fast, and finally 5K slow. You’d think that the “fast” portions of the workout were the tough portions. Nope. It was actually the final 5K, the portion were I was supposed to be run at an “easy” pace, that was tough.

Ok, the first 5K (slow) was easy.

The next 5K (fast) was tough but not THAT tough. OK, it was fast and it got my heart pumping and I was breathing heavily but it didn’t exhaust me.

The next 5K (slow) was ok. I was able to recover but somewhere around the final 1K of that portion I felt my legs beginning to weigh on me.

The next 5K (fast) was challenging. Now I was breathing heavily. My mind was focused on keeping a fast, steady pace. I tried to my cadence quick and light. My arms were pumping harder than usual to keep my legs moving. I constantly reminded myself to keep my head up, my torso straight, and not to slump or look down.

And when I got to the final 5K (slow) I was tired and sapped. The final 5K was more of a mental battle than a physical one. My body was aching but not painful. I figured that the final 5K was more to train mental fortitude than actual aerobic stamina. I was feeling the fatigue during the uphill climbs but it eased during the downhill descents. My mind was counting down the kilometres.

I finished the 25K in a little more than 3 hours.


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