Watch This Inspiring Professional Runner Crawl Across the Finish Line of a Marathon

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We’ve all heard about the infamous “wall” runners often hit during the 26.2 miles that is a marathon. It may come at mile 15 or 20, but what about mile 26.0?

Elite runner Hyvon Ngetich of Kenya made it through 26 punishing miles of Sunday’s Austin Marathon, even leading the women’s pack up until mile 23. As she rounded the corner to the finish line, she fell to the ground. But instead of giving up then and there, she decided to crawl the last 0.2 miles in an incredibly inspiring human feat—and she still took third place.

While race volunteers immediately brought out a wheelchair for Ngetich, the 29-year-old refused the help, possibly knowing that she would be disqualified for accepting it.

“Running…you always have to keep going, going,” Ngetich told CBS Austin affiliate KEYE. “For the last two kilometers, I don’t remember. Finish line, I have…

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