51 days to go: a 5K run to test my cold weather outfit

The Tokyo Marathon will be held on February 22. February is the coldest month in Tokyo. And according to the 2015 Tokyo Marathon brochure, the average temperature is 6.5 degrees Celsius (that's 43.7 degress for Farenheit folk). The coldest for Metro Manila in 2014 was 15.8 degrees Celsius. The coldest ever for Baguio is 6.3 degrees Celsius, and that happened way back in 1961!

So I had purchased these compression leggings and its matching compression shirt courtesy of Amazon and it was delivered to Manila by a friend of mine. The reviews claim that they are suitable for cold weather insulation and yesterday I gave it a try.

I ran an easy 5K while wearing the compression leggings. I figured that wearing the matching compression shirt would make me look like Superman so I settled for a simple singlet. The weather was relatively cool – my iSmoothRun would register it as 27 degrees Celsius – despite the fact that I ran at about noon. And yes the compression leggings kept my legs warm. I had originally planned to wear it for Sunday's long run but changed my mind and opted for trying it out in a shorter run. Good thing I did that because I don't know if I could have lasted. I also can't say if compression clothing actually improve performance. They feel nice and snug and my muscles don't feel like they're jiggling all over the place, but the jury is still out on whether or not it will make me faster or make me last longer.

Run stats: 5k in 38:35, average HR was 133, maximum HR was 145. The whole run felt more like a warm-up than an actual training run.

Today is a rest day, which is fortunate as I was still awake at 3:00 am, celebrating New Year. Here's hoping 2015 will be a fantastic year!



Cold weather running

February is the coldest month in Tokyo. And coming from a temperate country, I have no experience running a race – let alone a marathon – in single-digit temperatures. I have lived in Tokyo so I know how cold it can get. I know I have to wear some thermal attire, but I can't wear them in Manila when I train. Tokyo Marathon shouldn't be the venue where I first try it out!

Since cold-weather thermal attire isn't available in the Philippines, I have to resort to Amazon to do the shopping and maybe use Johnny Air Cargo (or maybe ask a friend a favor) to deliver the clothing here. These compression leggings and its matching compression shirt look interesting, and the reviews claim that they are suitable for cold weather insulation. Once I get these I will have to schedule a trip to Baguio, possibly in December where it can be freezing cold, to give it a try.