Slept late for two days and now I have a cold

I haven’t run for two days now.

I slept late, woke up late, leaving me with no time to run. Not even for 30 minutes.

And now that I have had something like 5 hours of sleep for two consecutive nights, I have a cold. That has often been the pattern. Lack of sleep leads to breakdown of resistance and then I get the sniffles.

I really should be more disciplined. I shouldn’t allow myself to get distracted and unnecessarily sleep late. If I can avoid going home late, I should avoid going home late. It’s not so much that I miss out on a training day. It’s that I end up getting a cold, which is irritating. A cold makes me lazy to run. I end up making excuses not to run. I could end up telling myself “I’ll run when I feel better.”

Let’s see how I fare tomorrow. It’s just a cold and running experts say that you can still run if you just have the sniffles.