Throwback Thursday: My First Marathon

Here’s a post that I did for an earlier site I made. It recounts my first ever marathon that I ran in February 2012. I am lying down as I write this, my feet elevated to help with the blood flow, a bottle of 100Plus beside me. Standard recovery procedures call for stretching (done), rest (done), hydration (I’ve already guzzled copious amounts of sports drinks and water), and nutrition (6 stacks of banana pancakes). I wish I could do an ice bath, but in its absence a cold shower will have to do. I just finished my first full marathon, and to sum it up it was surreal, tortuous, and humbling. A marathon is indeed a test of human endurance. I thought that a marathon was all about physical stamina. I learned that it is also about steel resolve and mental fortitude. Putting it bluntly, I made the classic rookie mistake, over-estimated myself, and paid for it dearly. Continue reading