Saturday is walking day

I will make an effort to do a 30-minute walk on Saturdays. Not necessarily a brisk walk, but at least a walk. Saturdays are the days before a long run and I would normally rest, take it easy, and just laze around. It's the only day that I could stay home, catch up on some sleep, maybe even just tune out.

But I have to get moving. I have to keep those muscle joints loose. I have to get my blood moving.

So today I went for a walk. I didn't walk far – my iPhone registered a little under 2 kms – but I could feel my skin moistened with sweat. I also did some exercises using my body weight and a 3 kg medicine ball. I did a few pushups, a few squats, and some leg raises. Nothing too strenuous. Just a few moves to keep me limber.